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Holiday Inn Chessington Wedding Video | Christie&Lee

Holiday Inn Chessington Wedding Video

Trying to get the keywords “Holiday Inn Chessington Wedding Video” into  this webpage is no easy feat! The words don’t roll off the tongue and its rather a mouthful! The things we do to please google! A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to make a Wedding Video at the Holiday Inn Chessington. I was really excited to get the booking, as the last time I was at this particular Holiday Inn in Surrey, it was the opening ceremony, and I was involved in filming it for publicity purposes.

On this occasion, I chose to cover the Groom getting ready, and had my close friend covering the Bridal preparations. The groom was in the military so his preparation time took quite a while, as he had to shine his boots to a mirror finish, and polish his belt buckle and jacket buttons. It was great to film. His dress uniform fitted really tightly, and more importantly, did not have any pockets, so we could not place a clip on mic onto him like we usually do.

The civil ceremony was a wonderful occasion. The colour scheme was black and white and the room looked stunning. It was clear how much the couple loved each other as they said their vows.

After the ceremony, everyone went outside to enjoy the sunny weather. The venue had laid on a special area outside where guests could interact with the animals from Chessington world of adventures. There were various small animals that the guests could hold and stroke. The animal handlers were very knowledgeable and keen to let the guests get as much time as possible with the animals. I was particulary impressed by the very large parrot, as it had been trained to open its wings on command.

We had a great opportunity to get some fantastic contemporary wedding videos and photos near some very large animals in their holding pens. We were escorted by some very friendly people from Chessington world of adventures, to get really close to the animals. Speaking as a professional wedding videographer, I was really impressed by the facilities that the Holiday Inn can offer to couples getting married.

The wedding reception then moved inside, where the room had been transformed into an amazing venue for a wedding celebration. I was particulary impressed by the wedding cake made of cup cakes!

Thanks for having me guys, it was a privilege to do the Holiday Inn Chessington Wedding Video for you both.

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Holiday Inn Chessington Wedding Video

Holiday Inn Chessington Wedding Video